Does dieting help jelqing results?

As we stated before, jelquing is a series of exercises geared towards improving the flow of blood to your penis. As blood makes its way to the tissues in you penis, it will begin to appear – over time – larger in size.

Obviously, there are numerous methods to help your penis increase the flow of blood to it, allowing jelqing to work much more effectively. And although male enhancement supplements that increase your nitric oxcide levels (the natural chemical that promote blood flow) certainly help, such supplements when combined with proper dieting, can help one achieve even more astonishing jelqing results!

When I talk about dieting and jelqing, I often get a strange look on people’s faces. No doubt, it doesn’t make a lot of sense straight off the bat. BUT you have to understand that your penis, like your heart, contains arteries. When blood can’t flow to your arteries its often because its clogged, forcing it shut down and render itself useless. If we care for our penis, in the same regard that we care for our heart, we’ll notice that like our heart – more blood begins pumping to them – providing us with no only a healthier heart but a healthier penis too.

How can my diet choices effect blood flow?

I know you’ve heard this before but high blood pressure can result in a variety of problems including stroke. The issue here is simple… as pressure builds up, blood doesn’t flow as effectively and problems occur. As our cholesterol goes up, so does our blood pressure. This is why we want to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) that contributes to blocking the blood that flows to all of our arteries including our penis!

What foods should I consider eating more than others?

The main goal here is to improve your health by finding foods that fight your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol, allowing the blood in your arteries to flow much more efficiently. In fact, food can impact our cholesterol by as much as 20%! These food suggestions are great tips for lowing one’s cholesterol helping to bring more blood to their penis for improved jelqing experiences.

  • Make sure to eat plenty of apples, grapes, strawberries and other citrus fruits including oranges. Fruits such as these contain pectin, a type of soluble fiber which can help lower your bloods cholesterol level.
  • Stock up on grains! Oats are a wonderful source of fiber which plays an important role in lowing your cholesterol.
  • Don’t be afraid of beans. Yes, beans play an important role here because they help you feel fuller and like pectin, are another great source of soluble fiber. Kidney beans, navy beans and lentils are all great sources of beans. Even soybeans (ie: tofu) is a good start although not as effective as some other beans.
  • Throw away your butter, trans fat margarines and polyunsaturated oil and replace them all with olive oil, canola oil and other plant oils. I personally would stay away from all oils, but if you are going to use them… be sure to understand the pros and cons of each. Butter is the “no-no” here because it is far from hearth healthy and again, your penis, like your heart contains arteries we want to protect.
  • Fresh catches of the day can be a good thing! Yes, fish is a great way to give your body fatty omega-3s which can lower your cholesterol. If you aren’t a meat person, try to find a way to incorporate flax seeds, another great form of those famous omagas!

What diets can be the most effective?

A lot of people often ask about diet plans and whether certain ones may do a better job of lowering your cholesterol more than others. The main point here is to stay away from what causes your HDL to raise! Saturated fats do a great job of this, which is why you really want to avoid red meat, dairy milk and other fatty foods. Although you might assume that minus the no-nos that I just listed, I am stressing a pure vegetable diet featuring whole fruits and vegetates, it isn’t a bad start. In fact, did you know that most studies have shown that vegetarians on average have lower cholesterol levels than people who eat meat?

Like with anything, how far you push towards the goal is determined based upon how badly you want it! As I suggest, taking baby steps is a step in the right direction. More than anything, realize how important of a role that your diet can play in achieving improved jelqing results.

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