Compare jelq and kegel differences!

A lot of times people often ask what is the difference between jelq and kegel? On the surface both of these look the same but they aren’t. Well, basically the overall goal is the same and that is to improve your penis. Now whether you seek to improvement in penis size or sexual performance in bed, the type of method will then come into play. Maybe you’ll need one or maybe you’ll need both?

Tell me, what makes jelq and kegel different?

Well, to jelq is repeat a series of exercises which can help make your penis bigger or if desired, longer. Jelqing is essentially improving the overall presentation of your penis through a milking process (the bending, the stretching, the moving of the penis and penile tissues) which over time increases blood flow to the penis allowing for a more presentable penis in time. As blood flow moves along the penis, jelqing takes effect.

On the other hand, kegel is different. Kegel is basically a series of exercises but instead of stretching and moving and trying to thicken or enlarge the penis, you basically tease or massage it, resulting in a penis that can handle various levels of intensity, helping one with things like premature ejaculation.

So whether you are here to assist your penis making it bigger and/or longer or essentially improve your sexual performance in bed, will determine whether kegel or jelq is better for you? In some cases, you may find both beneficial.

How long does kegel take to do?

The process of kegel takes 10 seconds to do. What you are trying to achieve is a pinching sensation. Just think of having to pee. If you have to go but are struggling getting your penis to urinate, what you may often do is hold the tip of your penis, squeezing the head. In the end, after pee builds up and so does the pressure, it is easier to pee. Doing kegel is the same. With kegel you are holding down the tip of your penis in a way numbing the head, improving on your sensitivity levels, helping with erectile dysfunction although many people think that constant masturbation will also help in the same regards since it may numb your penis over time due to constant stroking over a repeated area.

How long goes Jelq take to do?

Jelqing begins with warming up the penis. Some people will use a warm towel to achieve this and then use the same towel with the hanging towel method, as a jelqing example.

Once your penis is “warmed up”, jelqing consists of holding down the base of your penis with one hand and then tugging at the shaft with a series of methods and hand positions. Certain methods are best for penis length improvements, while others work best for making the penis appear bigger in size.

It’s best you understand how to jelq before moving forward and read our blog for more information on how diet, supplements play an important role in jelqing and in some cases, kegel too.

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